The Lion The Witch And The Leonotis Flowers

Leonotis Flowers

Leonotis Flowers
Leonotis Flowers

A flower that gets its name from the mighty Lion has got to have amazing strength and powers. Indeed it has!

Leonotis Flowers garner big respect with the indigenous tribes of South Africa, its homeland. Leonotis Flowers has been guarding and curing the people of the outback for centuries. Used as a magic charm to scare off snakes, it was also used in the treatment of dysentery, coughs, fevers and of course snake bites.

The Leonotis Flower stands tall (eight feet) and proud with its orange tubular flowers which gave it its name. The Leonotis Flower is administered depending on the cure it is being used for, but Leonotis Flowers have another trick up its stem. Often used in much the same way as an American Indian peace pipe, the smoke from Leonotis Flowers is known to produce a relaxing effect on the body and mind.

Perhaps this is why it is known by several other names; Wild Dagga, Cape Hemp and The Devils Tobacco are some of its aliases. As you can tell Leonotis has properties often associated with plants used for rope and sail making. Although no relation Leonotis Flowers are as extremely versatile. was very excited when we first received Leonotis we had heard so much about this multi-function plant and wanted to really see if all the tales we had heard were true.

The effects of Leonotis Flowers were every bit as impressive as we had hoped. Now we have the best quality Leonotis Flowers for you enjoy.

Order now to experience firsthand the king of the jungle.

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by Bob Hollister Date Added: Monday 08 March, 2010
The Leonotis definitely works but it is a very mild effect. If you want a really strong hit then you might be disappointed but I really enjoyed it.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]

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